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All deleted notes are moved to app's Trash, where they remain until you delete them. To open the Trash, press Command - T or choose JustNoteIt > Trash. The Trash window has the same structure as the Notes Manager window and allows you to easily navigate, sort and search deleted notes. However editing notes is not possible in the Trash window. If you need to edit, format, customize, print or save a deleted note, you need to restore it first.

To close the Trash window and return to the Notes manager window, press Command-T or Command-W or click the x close icon in the top left corner.

Steps to recover deleted notes from the Trash

Permanently delete a note from the Trash

1. Open the Trash.
2. Choose the note(s).
Then click the - button or, two-finger tap anywhere in the list and select Delete from Trash from the context menu.
Note: to open the context menu, you can use Control-click or you can use a two-finger tap.
Warning: this action cannot be undone.
To completely delete all notes, use the Empty Trash option.

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