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Whether you are creating a shopping list, organizing tasks or recipes, working on a project, planning a meeting, holiday or revision, or just need to capture your ideas, JustNoteIt is here to help. It is a flexible note taking solution for personal and professional use with great options that help you find what you need, when you need it.

Sticky Notes Organizer for Windows
Sticky Notes Organizer for Windows - JustNoteIt
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The trial version is not available to users on Windows 10 build 10.0.10586 or earlier.
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For various reasons, some users prefer to stick to older versions of Windows. If you use older version of Windows, you may try JustNoteIt for Windows 7/Vista/XP.
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All information in one place

With JustNoteIt, all your notes, contacts, urls, addresses, todos, checklists, tasks, project details and more are stored in one place. So you may easily browse all your notes, re-arrange them the way you need, place the most important notes on the top of other windows, search and find everything in seconds.
All information in one place
Customize sticky notes

Customize notes for your needs

Highlight notes with different colors to visualize information, change notes size, emphasize key points using formatting options, including bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, paragraph settings, bulleted and numbered lists, make notes transparent, and set default settings for new notes.

Customize sticky notes

Organize notes in your own manner

Organize notes using various colors, add titles and dates for categorizing and filtering, set different notes priorities.
Make notes translucent, minimize notes to title only, show, hide, cascade notes or open notes in a full screen.
Organize notes in your own manner
Notes Manager

Get the big picture instantly

Manage your ever-growing list of notes through the Notes Manager window - create, sort, find, add alarms, make notes visible and invisible, print, and delete your notes on the fly.
Notes Manager

Flexible and tailored to individual needs

JustNoteIt offers freedom and flexibility in everything from creating to managing notes. It is really easy to create a new note, set a reminder, perform a search, export your notes, share them via email, lock notes to protect them from accidental modifying, retrieve notes instantly when you need or print them with just one click.
With JustNoteIt you can place important notes on the top of all other apps and windows, so that they are easy to access from any application. This is really useful if you gather information from different apps and windows to a note.
Flexible and tailored to individual needs
Restore deleted notes from the Trash

Recycle Bin and Backup

JustNoteIt automatically saves all your changes as you work. All deleted notes are moved to the app's Recycle Bin. So, if you need to get them back just open the Recycle bin and click Restore.
The app automatically creates a copy of your notes database based on the frequency of Backups you selected that makes it possible to revert to an earlier version of your notes database or transfer notes to another PC.
Restore deleted notes from the Trash

Control your time

Add quick reminders to stay informed about upcoming dates and events, deadlines, daily tasks, important meetings, calls, and more...

Set reminders to control your time
Find what you need quickly

Find what you need quickly

With JustNoteIt, it is really easy to find what you are looking for even if you have a long list of notes. You may search the entire list of notes, including searching in titles and note content, exclude minimized and locked notes from your search or limit search by the 'Match whole word' and 'Case sensitive' options.

Find what you need quickly

Notes with different priorities

When you run JustNoteIt the first time, the app creates three notes with different priorities to show you how the priority levels work.
High priority notes - keeps the most important notes on the top of all windows.
Regular priority notes - supports standard windows order.
Low priority notes - sticks notes you do not often use to the desktop.
Sticky notes with different priorities

JustNoteIt for Windows 7 / Vista / XP PC

As many users still use Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, we prepared a special version of JustNoteIt that is compatible with older versions of Windows.

To learn more about JustNoteIt for Window 7/Vista/XP - free sticky notes software, please visit STICKY-NOTES.ORG

FAQ about JustNoteIt for older Windows versions

To download JustNoteIt for Windows 10, please click here.
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