JustNoteIt - Notes Manager + Sticky Notes for Mac

Powerful note taking software and easy to use desktop sticky notes in one app

Designed with flexibility in mind, JustNoteIt is ideal for both lightweight and advanced note taking.
The app combines simple and clean interface to quickly jot down and save information and a number of advanced options that turn it into a full-featured note-taking solution. Write down and save important information, ideas, photos and whatever you need with JustNoteIt.
2in1 Notes Manager for macOS
Notes app for Mac - JustNoteIt
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Organize whatever you need

Organize and manage everything you need from quick notes and todos to project details. The app is highly customizable to fit your particular needs. You can create as many notes and notes groups as you like and easily customize them to meet your needs choosing different colors, fonts and sizes.
Organize quick notes, todos, project details and more
Keep note-taking simple and productive

Keep note-taking simple and productive

Create quick notes, add urls, photos, audios, videos, pdf to your notes and even drag images. Add titles to your notes, search and filter notes in the Notes Manager to make finding the notes you need much easier.
Keep note-taking simple and productive

Organize notes into Groups

To keep everything efficiently organized, you can create Groups to keep related notes together.
To create a new group, press Cmd+G, then press the + button, type in the name of the group and press Done. Now you can create a new note in the created group. To do this, press Cmd+Shift+N and Select the group’s name. If you press Cmd+N, then the note you create goes into the default notes group.
Organize notes into groups
Notes groups settings

Choose settings for Notes Groups

To navigate and find your notes faster, choose the color, size, priority, style and font for newly created notes from the Group. You can even add date in the necessary format to your notes.
If you want to use a Group as a Default, just put the check mark and all newly notes created with the Cmd+N combination will automatically be placed to it.
Notes groups settings

Notes Manager

One of JustNoteIt's most popular features is its Notes Manager that appears by clicking on the app's dock icon, enabling you to quickly create, view, edit, and manage notes and Notes Groups. You can select more than one note at a time and perform any action, such as printing, sending via email, showing, hiding, deleting, and even changing notes groups.
You can also sort notes by title, date, group, priority and even by color.
Notes Manager lets you create, organize and manage notes and notes groups
Notes Manager view mode

Choose the view mode that suits you best

The Notes Manager window is easily customizable. You can choose to show just the list of your notes (Basic View) with notes details such as the color, title, group, date, and priority, or you can extend it by the Notes Preview pane (Extended view) that shows the content of the selected note in the right sidebar.
The right sidebar can be shown or hidden as needed. This can be changed by tapping on the left arrow or right arrow button.
Notes Manager view mode

Trash option

This great option helps you easily recover your notes whenever you want if you made a mistake and accidentally deleted important notes.
Restore deleted notes from the Trash
Backup and Restore notes

Backup and Restore notes in seconds

In addition to restoring deleted notes from the app's Trash, you can restore a previous version of your notes using the Backup option. This can be done by going to the top menu, opening JustNoteIt > Load > Auto Backup/Manual Backup and choosing the necessary backup.

Backup and Restore notes

Quick Searching

Just type a word and relevant notes will be shown immediately. You can search and filter notes in the Notes Manager by Note Title, Group Name, Priority, Created and Modified date.
Notes quick search
Organize notes in a way that works best for you

Organize notes in a way that works best for you

Arrange and sort your notes to organize them in a way that works best for you. Create notes with different priorities, make notes floating on the top of other windows or stick them to the desktop, minimize notes or open them in the full screen and more.
Organize notes in a way that works best for you
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