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Stay organized - Just Note It!

Write down, organize and share information, ideas and thoughts in a fast, intuitive and reliable way with JustNoteIt! It is a simple yet functional desktop sticky notes app to jot down all the things you want to remember.

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The trial version is not available to users on Windows 10 build 10.0.10586 or earlier.
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JustNoteIt is intuitive enough to create and organize your notes. Through the easily accessible menu you can quickly customize, edit, share, read, search, manage, duplicate, and print your notes.

You can create as many notes as you like and keep them all in one place. If you use JustNoteIt a lot and have a large number of notes, organization becomes important. Apart from placing colored notes and reminders on the computer desktop, JustNoteIt has some additional features such as Notes Manager, Search option and creating notes with different priorities, that help you efficiently organize your notes to access the note you want faster.

With JustNoteIt you can create notes with different priorities. You can put some important notes on the top of other windows, so that they are easy to access from any application. This is really useful if you gather information from different apps and windows to a note. By default, JustNoteIt creates three notes with different priorities that show you how the priority levels work.

Auto-Backup. We understand how important is to prevent accidental data loss. So, to protect your notes, each time you quit the app, shut down or restart your PC, the app automatically creates backups of your notes.

Recycle Bin. Accidentally deleted important notes? It is a very common problem, which can drive you crazy and lead to a lot of problems especially if you deleted notes containing important information. With JustNoteIt, you will not come across this problem. When you delete notes in JustNoteIt, they are moved to the app's Recycle Bin so you can easily restore your notes with one click.

Download JustNoteIt for Windows 10.


All information in one place

Whether you are working on a project, report or presentation, planning a revision or gathering data on the web, with JustNoteIt you can focus on your ideas.
Jot down quick notes, names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, important dates, birthdays, create to-do lists, add links, keep recipe notes, shopping lists, store articles, save information from the web, write down key points from meetings, lectures or classes, write short texts and more...

Completely intuitive interface

Create, color code, format, show, hide, resize, lock, search, share and print notes with a single click.

Create your notes style

Customize notes for your needs:
• highlight notes with different colors
• add custom colors
• change notes size
• emphasize key points using formatting options, including bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, paragraph settings, bulleted and numbered lists
• change text font, size and color
• make notes transparent
• set default settings for new notes

Notes Manager

• View all notes at a glance in the Notes Manager window.
• All notes have different attributes that can be used for sorting. In the Notes Manager, you have a few options as to how you can sort your notes - you can sort desktop sticky notes by title, creation date, priority, alarm, and state (visible/invisible).
• Quickly switch between notes.
• Easily create, show, hide, delete, and print your sticky notes or set alarms. You can apply actions to multiple notes.

Organize your notes as you would like

• Arrange, sort and color code your desktop sticky notes to organize them in a way that works best for you.
• View and manage your notes in the Notes Manager.
• Tag your notes with titles, date of creation and priority.
• Lock notes to prevent important information from being accidentally changed or deleted.
• Use shortcuts to quickly manage your sticky notes.

Control your time

Set reminders for daily tasks, important meetings, calls, deadlines and more to track your time. It is easy, intuitive and fast.

Displaying notes

• When you need to focus on a single note, just hide the entire list to stay on top of your idea.
• Make notes transparent.
• Minimize and maximize notes.
• Show, hide and cascade notes.
• High priority notes - keep the most important notes on the top of all windows.
• Regular priority notes.
• Low priority notes - stick notes you do not often use to the desktop. Notes with low priority will be placed on the top of other windows only when you show them and they are in focus.

Search option

You may search in all notes, exclude minimized and locked notes from your search, limit search by the 'Match whole word' and 'Case sensitive' options.

Discover information about notes

Hold your mouse over a sticky note's title to see a tooltip containing information about the date of creation, priority level and alarm.

Share your ideas and thoughts

Send notes as emails for quick collaboration with colleagues and friends.

Print notes

JustNoteIt makes it easy to print your desktop notes or save them as pdf. You can select to print one or several notes at once.

Protect your notes from being lost

• Recycle Bin
Accidentally deleted important notes? Thanks to the JustNoteIt Recycle Bin option, you can easily restore them.
• Backups
We understand how important is to prevent accidental notes loss. To keep your notes safe, each time you quit the app or shut down/restart your PC, the app automatically creates backups of your notes.
You may also backup your notes manually using the Export option.

Import & export notes

Use the import and export option to transfer your desktop sticky notes to another computer or backup your notes.

System requirements: Windows 10.

JustNoteIt Help

JustNoteIt version history

Version 2.0.0 ()

We are glad to inform you that the new version of JustNoteIt has been released. This update brings some useful changes:
As of this version, users can get a free full-featured 7-day trial of Just Note It.
Now the app automatically restores the notes database if it was corrupted due to power failure, abnormal PC shutdown. etc.
Some interface improvements.

Version 1.0.0 (December 15, 2017)

As always, we welcome your feedback. Our developers constantly review the ideas that we receive from our users to implement them into the product. Help us make JustNoteIt better.

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