JustNoteIt Frequently Asked Questions

► Some of my apps, including JustNoteIt, appear blurry in Windows 10. How can I fix it?

Starting with build 1803, to fix apps that become blurry on high resolution displays in Windows 10, you should enable 'Fix Scaling for Apps' in Settings.
1. Open Settings and click on the System icon.
2. Click 'Display' on the left pane.
3. On the right pane under 'Scale and layout' click on the 'Advanced scaling settings'.
4. Turn on 'Let Windows try to fix apps' so they're not blurry. ▲ 

►  I upgraded to Windows 10 but unfortunately I seem to be having issues when trying to install the version of JustNoteIt that I used on my Windows 7. The error message that I receive is as follows "The version of JustNoteIt is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running ...". Is JustNoteIt compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, JustNoteIt is compatible with Windows 10. As JustNoteIt was initially designed for Windows 10, it is available for download from the Windows Store. It is not possible to download the Windows 10 version from our website.

As the software created for Windows 10 has no way of properly working with older operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, driven by customers’ requests, we developed a special version of JustNoteIt for older version of Windows. This version is available for download from our website. ▲ 

► I purchased JustNoteIt for Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store. Now I need to re-install it but I cannot find an option to do that. Can I re-install the app without paying for it again?

To reinstall the app, follow the steps below:
1. Run the Windows Store app.
2. Login to your Windows account and select Purchased (under '...' at the top right hand corner).
3. Sign in to your Microsoft account and on the Order history page you will be able to find all your purchased apps.
4. Follow the instructions to reinstall the app.

If you purchased the app, not just downloaded a trial version, you may also try to find it in 'My Library':
1. Open the Microsoft Store app (click the shopping bag icon).
2. At the top right hand corner you will see the search box, then your account icon and then three dots (...).
3. Click the 'three dots' icon and select 'My Library'.
4. Under 'Apps' click 'Show all'. You will get the list of all your apps. You can additionally click 'Show hidden products' and then Refresh.
All your apps which are not currently installed on your PC have the download button (down-arrow). ▲ 

► I purchased JustNoteIt for Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store. I have JustNoteIt pinned to my Start menu and to my Task bar. But I would prefer a desktop icon instead. I dont see any options to do that, nor do I see JustNoteIt listed under C:\Programs or C:\Program files x86. How do I create a desktop icon and where can I find the program on my C drive?

JustNoteIt is a Windows 10 app that is installed on your computer from the Windows 10 Store. Unlike old-style (.exe format) Windows apps, modern apps do not offer to create shortcuts on the desktop in a traditional way.

To create the desktop icon for JustNoteIt:
1. Open the Start Menu.
2. Find JustNoteIt.
3. Drag and drop the app on the desktop.

Universal app are stored neither under C:\Programs nor under C:\Program files x86
You can access them from the hidden folder “Applications”. This folder shows all installed apps.

To access JustNoteIt this way (from the 'Applications' folder), press Win key + R to open the Run dialog, type shell:AppsFolder and click OK.
Now you can drag and drop JustNoteIt on the desktop or you may right-click JustNoteIt and select the Create shortcut option.
You will be asked if you want to place the shortcut on the desktop. Click Yes. The JustNoteIt shortcut will appear on the desktop.

If you are not able to create the desktop icon this way, please make sure you have all the latest updates of Windows. ▲ 

► What operating systems will JustNoteIt run on?

JustNoteIt software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems (32 and 64-bit versions). ▲ 

► Where can I download the latest version of JustNoteIt?

You can download the latest version of JustNoteIt for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.
If you use JustNoteIt on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, you can download the latest version from our website. ▲ 

► How can I make notes take up less space on the desktop?

There are many ways to organize notes on the desktop - you can create sticky notes with high, regular and low priorities, hide, cascade, minimize and resize your notes.
Hide all of your notes with the Ctrl+Alt+H hotkey combination or selecting the Notes > Hide All Notes option from the Main menu. Alternatively, you may easily show and hide notes through the Notes Manager.
Notes can be restored either by selecting Notes > Show All Notes from the Main menu or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S. To show the specific notes, select them in the Notes Manager and click Show.
Minimize All Notes or Cascade All Notes selecting the corresponding option from the Main menu. To minimize an individual note, double-click its title. Notes can be restored by double-clicking on their titles. ▲ 

► Can I change the default color, font and other notes settings for new notes?

Yes, you may create a default note template with the font color and size, note color and other settings you would like. The default note settings can be accessed by openning the Main menu and selecting Settings > App's settings. ▲ 

► How do I restore a deleted note?

In order to protect users from losing important notes, JustNoteIt provides the Recycle Bin. So, you have the option of restoring accidentally deleted notes. The number of notes stored in the Recycle Bin is limited in App's Settings.
How to restore deleted notes:
1. In the Main menu, select Recycle bin.
2. Here you can view and manage a list of the notes that have been deleted. You may sort your notes by any of the column headers.
3. Select the notes you wish to restore and then either click the 'Restore' button or right-click and select 'Restore'. Alternatively, if you wish to restore every item currently in the Recycle Bin you can click on the 'Restore all items' button at the top of the Recycle Bin window. ▲ 

► How to create a reminder in JustNoteIt

1. Click the alarm icon at the top left corner of the note to open the the Alarm window.
2. Set the alarm date and time, alarm action(s) and the repeat settings. Optionally, the alarm can be set through the Notes Manager window. ▲ 

► How do I run the JustNoteIt app from the Start menu?

Open the Start menu and click 'All Apps' to see the list of all installed apps. Here you may either scroll down the apps list to find JustNoteIt or click any letter from the list, then click "J" and click JustNoteIt. ▲ 

► I am using Windows 7 and I want to make JustNoteIt work with multiple monitors. Does JustNoteIt support multi-monitor mode?

Yes, to use JustNoteIt on multiple monitors, check the Multi-monitor system in the App's Settings window. ▲ 

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