JustNoteIt for Windows XP/Vista/7 FAQs

► I have Windows XP installed on my computer. How can I download JustNoteIt?

As Windows 10 apps cannot be run on previous Windows versions, beginning from version 1.3.0, we prepared a special version of JustNoteIt that is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. This version of JustNoteIt is completely free to download, install and use. ▲ 

► I am upgrading to Windows 10. Where can I download JustNoteIt for Windows 10?

To get the app for Windows, you can visit the Windows Store or use the Get it from Microsoft button on our home page. JustNoteIt for Windows 10 is available for a free 7-day trial. ▲ 

► How can I transfer my notes to JustNoteIt for Windows 10

If you are planning to upgrade your system to Windows 10, you may easily transfer your notes to a new version using the export/import options. ▲ 

► Is it a complete version of JustNotesIt?

We prepared a version with the same functionality as for Windows 10, however some features are not available due to the OS limitations. For example, unlike the version for Windows 10, this version of JustNoteIt does not start automatically with your computer. ▲ 

► Can I get technical support for your sticky notes app for Windows 7?

Yes, if you have any questions using the app, please feel free to contact us. ▲ 

► How do I install this version of JustNoteIt?

This version does not require installation. Download JustNoteIt for Windows XP/Vista/7 and double-click JustNoteIt.exe to run the app.

You can save JustNoteIt.exe on a hard or removable drive.


► What are system requirements?

There are no special requirements for a computer, processor, hard drive or removable drive.
You will need at least 5MB of free space on your drive.


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