JustNoteIt - sticky notes manager for Mac and Windows

More productivity with less effort - Just Note It!
Capture ideas, create to-do lists, write down key points from meetings and lectures, store project details and more
Sticky Notes Manager for Mac - JustNoteit
JustNoteIt - Sticky Notes app for Windows 10
Sticky notes to keep everything from memos, pictures and videos to project plan details
Organize stickies as you would like
Organize and manage notes the most efficient way
Notes Manager to keep all information in one place
Create Notes Groups to keep related notes together
Restore notes from the Recycle Bin
JustNoteIt - customize notes to meet your needs choosing different colors, fonts and sizes
Sticky notes customization
JustNoteIt for Mac Download JustNoteIt 2in1 Note Taking App for Mac
JustNoteIt for Windows Download JustNoteIt Sticky Notes Manager for Windows PCs

Best sticky notes app to stay organized - Just Note It!

Working on a project or report, creating a presentation, preparing meeting minutes, writing down key points from a lecture, organizing recipe notes or just gathering data on the web?

With JustNoteIt you can focus on what matters most.
Jot down quick notes, important dates, create lists, add links, pictures and videos, save information from the web and more. Create as many notes as you like and keep them all in one place. Through the easily accessible menu you can quickly customize, edit, share, read, search, manage, duplicate, and print your notes.

Apart from placing colored notes and reminders on the computer desktop, JustNoteIt offers a list of advanced features such as Notes Manager, Search option, Trash, Backup option, Notes Groups, Notes with different priorities and more, that help you efficiently organize your notes.

Protect your notes from being lost

Notes Auto-Backup

Protect your notes from being lost
We understand how important is to prevent accidental data loss. So, to protect your notes, each time you quit the app, shut down or restart your Mac or PC, the app automatically creates backups of your notes.

Restore deleted notes

Trash / Recycle Bin option
Accidentally deleted important notes? No worries, thanks to the Trash option, you may restore them with one click.

JustNoteIt Core Functionality

✎ Completely intuitive interface

Create notes, tag notes with titles, format, prioritize, resize and search notes with one click.

✎ Notes Manager

View all notes at a glance, quickly switch between notes, sort notes by title, date, priority, and more.

✎ Search option

Search your notes database on the fly.

✎ Share your ideas and thoughts

Send notes as emails for quick collaboration with colleagues and friends.

✎ Print notes

Print desktop notes or save them as pdf. You may select to print one or several notes at once.

✎ Import & export notes

Use the import and export option to transfer your notes database to another computer or backup your notes.

✎ Protect your notes

Use Backup and Recycle bin/Trash options, lock notes to prevent from being accidentally changed or deleted.

✎ Displaying notes

Make notes transparent, minimize and maximize notes, show, hide and cascade notes.

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