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Search options and criteria

If you have a long list of notes, use Quick Search to quickly find a specific note.
Type a word or phrase in the Search field, select options for the current search and press Return.
JustNoteIt shows you a list notes where the word or phrase you have typed has been found.
To limit the search, you can use different search criteria: contains, begins with, ends with, like or matches and ignore case or match case.
By default the search is performed in all columns. You can narrow your search to search a certain column. To do this, click in the Search field, then click the magnifying glass icon 🔍 and choose the corresponding column ("Note title", "Group Name", "Note Priority" "Created Date", "Modified Date" and "Note Color").

You can search the text in all your notes, including locked and minimized, to find a specific note.
Clicking any matching note, will immediately take you to that note.

If you want to repeat a recent search, click the Search field, click the magnifying glass 🔍 and choose a recent search from the Recent Searches list.

To clear the list of recent searches, click the Search field, click the magnifying glass 🔍 and choose Clear Recent Searches. Also see Clear search history on app quit.

To return to the complete notes list and clear the search result, just click the the Remove icon × in the Search field.

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