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Notes Manager - JustNoteIt for Mac help

How to create, edit, format, delete, print, save, manage and search notes from the Notes manager window

You can view all your notes in one window, making it easy to browse and manage them.

To open the Notes Manager window, click the app's Dock icon or if the app is active, press Command - 0.

You can view and manage the list of all your notes, including locked and minimized notes, in the Notes Manager window.
To show the contents of the selected note, you may open the right sidebar by clicking the right-arrow button ( > ).

To edit and format a note, double-click the note in the notes list to open the note in its own window.

You can open several notes at once: choose the notes you want to show and click the Show button or Control - click and choose Show selected note(s).

To open all your notes at once, Control - click and choose Show All notes.

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