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How to set preferences for Search history, Auto Backup, Save notes option and notes customization

To set or change the default options for the JustNoteIt app, click on the Preferences icon in the top left corner in the Notes Manager and choose Preferences or choose JustNoteIt > Preferences from the top menu. In addition, you may also use the Command - , shortcut.

Create Auto-Backups
Select this option to set up JustNoteIt to backup your notes database automatically. If this option is enabled, you may set the Auto-Backup Capacity.

Save Search history
If you frequently search for the same items, you may want to save your search history. If this options is enables, you may set Search history capacity

Clear search history on app quit
Select this option to clear all recent searched every time you quit the app.

Auto save notes every ... minutes

By default, JustNoteIt autosaves your notes database every 5 minutes. If you want to increase the number of minutes, choose the appropriate option.
In addition, to minimize the possibility of losing your work, you may also save notes manually

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