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Notes default settings for notes groups to view, show, organize and customize notes

Use Notes Defaults to set default options for Notes Groups.
Important: these setting will be applied to newly created notes only.

To set or change Notes Defaults, click on the Settings icon in the top left corner in the Notes Manager and choose Notes Defaults or choose JustNoteIt > Notes Defaults from the top menu. In addition, you may also use the Command - , shortcut.

Default Settings for Choose the Notes Group you want to set the preferences for.
Tip: To add a new Notes Group, see Add Groups.

Note's width and Note's height Set note's size in pixels:
Min width = 250 pixels, max width = 1280 pixels
Min height = 150 pixels, max height = 800 pixels

Choose one of the three priority levels - high, regular, low. See Priority levels.
Tip: Note's priority may be changed any time from the Note's menu. See Note's menu

At startup
Although having some notes appear immediately at startup is useful, too many notes appeared at the same time whether you need them to or not can make a mess and overload your desktop.
Choose how notes will be displayed at startup:
Restore notes state
Show all notes
Hide all notes
Show high priority notes
Important: you should set it for each group separately

Note title
This option allows you to decide whether you want to add a standard title for all notes in a group. The standard title may also contain the date.
If you do not want the standard title, but need to add the date, you must leave the Note title field empty and choose the date format you want to use.

Select Note Color, Title Font, Title Color, Text Font, Text Color Move the slider to set the transparency.

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