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Customize notes - JustNoteIt for Mac help

Change notes background color

Tap the Note's menu ≡ icon in the top-right corner of the notes, select Color, then choose the desired color or choose Random color.

Change font size and text color

When using JustNoteIt, you can customize font color and font size for note's body and note's title independently.
Change font and font size for a title: Open the Note's menu and choose Title > Font.
Change text color for a title: Open the Note's menu and choose Title > Text color.
Change font options for a note: Choose Note > Font from the Note's menu.

Change font color for a note: Open Note's menu and choose Note > Text color

Change notes size

To resize a note, drag an edge or corner of the note or select Position & Size from the Note's menu.

Change notes transparency

In JustNoteIt, you can make notes more or less transparent. Open the Note's menu and select Transparency, then move the slider to choose the degree of transparency.
Also see Notes Settings.

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