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How to format a note

Put the cursor into a note, select the text and change the formatting of the selected text using options from the formatting panel.

- Choose a paragraph style
- Choose the font family, typeface, font size, text color, and text background color
- Change text to bold, italicize or underline text
- Change text alignment
- Change line and paragraph spacing
- Add bulleted or numbered lists.

You may also choose change font size and text color from the Note menu.

Shortcut keys to change selected text:
Ctrl + B - Bold
Ctrl + U - Underline
Ctrl + I - Italic

To move text within the same note or from one note to another note, highlight the text, move the pointer over the text, then drag the text to a new location.

To change title's font, font size and color, click on the note's menu icon and select Title > Text color ot Title > Font.

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